My thoughts on the Whole30

Have you read this book? You should. It’s full of what you should be eating and why you should eat it to achieve and maintain optimal health, wealth and happiness. Okay, maybe not wealth. But in my book (a hypothetical book), health is certainly wealth.


Yesterday, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig from the Whole9 came to my new CrossFit gym, CrossFit Love. They are amazing people! They educate and motivate, and speak in such a genuine, compassionate way. I was so happy to meet them!!


I asked a lot of questions, yeah I was probably that annoying one. I learned that I pretty much do everything right… Except sleep. And maybe too much of paleo-flying things. And maybe my weekly Mexican.. I can’t help that. Anyways, when I mentioned to Melissa that I’ve worked nightshift for the past two years. She stopped me immediately and said, “you need to fix your sleep!!”

Even with the best nutrition, my lifestyle stress and sleep deprivation is sabotaging my health and fitness goals. My lifestyle isn’t sustainable. Pair that with some chronic autoimmune diseases, and I’m really headed in the wrong direction. Less than 9 hours of sleep? Don’t go do high-intensity training. Oh.. You mean I shouldn’t work night shift, go to CrossFit, and then go back to nightshift? Whoops.

So with my Hashimoto’s at its worst since my diagnosis, I’m switching to day shift this week. And what perfect timing to do so; I’m starting the strict Autoimmune Protocol of the Whole30 tomorrow.



YIKES, so what do I eat? MEAT, SEAFOOD, VEGETABLES, HEALTHY FATS & a little bit of FRUIT.

It sounds limiting, but I can’t wait to feel better. When you lose almost 5 months of your life to thyroid disease, 30 days doesn’t seem like all that much more. With optimal nutrition, restorative sleep, CrossFit 3x a week and a whole month of unlimited yoga, I can’t wait to see what these 30 days will bring.

Stop back for updates and Whole30 approved recipes!!



5 thoughts on “My thoughts on the Whole30

  1. Good for you! Sleep is one ofmy struggles. Tell me about the “only 9 hours.” I recently read on the bio-hacker blog Bulletproof Executive, that 5 hours is optimal. But I think that’s if you have all your other health issues under control.

    • Along the same lines… If you have everything else in line, you may be able to squeeze by with less. For me I have too much else going on, Celiac, Hashimoto’s… That I really shouldn’t add any extra stress. Sleep is so important for repair and athletic recovery. Ask yourself how you feel and is it sustainable? In the end it is only you who knows your body! 🙂

  2. Sounds like it was a great seminar! I’ve been at CrossFit Love for a year and a half now, but I usually only go at night, so perhaps with your new schedule, we’ll run into each other 🙂 Good luck with this, and keep us updated!

  3. I did the Whole30 in July 2012 (not the autoimmune protocol). I, too, have Hashimoto’s and I was having a rough time April-August of last year. I finally got things straightened out with my dosage (my doc upped my level of Levothyroxine), which helped. Feeling good at the moment. I’m not completely Paleo anymore, but I do eat 95% gluten-free. 🙂

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